Dedicated to Your Second Amendment Rights

About the candidate for State Senator:

Geoff Diehl

He earned the rank of Eagle Scout by the age of 16, graduated from Lehigh University with a double major, worked in advertising and television, and on a blind date in New York City, met South Shore native KathyJo Boss. One year later, they were married.

Moving to her home town of Whitman, Geoff became an Account Executive at Sign Design in Brockton and then at Poyant Signs, while also assisting KathyJo with opening Boss Academy of Performing Arts in the neighboring town of Hanson.

They have two daughters, Kaylee and Emily, and are involved with many local organizations. KathyJo is Director of Whitman Youth Cheerleading, is a member of the Whitman Cultural Council and supports Hanson's Little League and D.A.R.E. program. Geoff is a member of the Abington Lions Club, the East Bridgewater Business Association, the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and the MetroSouth Chamber of Commerce. He also is a Member of the Board of the BSA Old Colony Council.

The Real Diehl for you!

Second Amendment

Geoff Diehl supports our inherent rights protected by the Second Amendment. As a legislator and unlike any other candidate in this race, Geoff Diehl is the only person with a proven track record of standing up to protect the Second Amendment. All too often politicians propose legislation that abuses our Second Amendment rights to appear tough on crime to the general public.  Geoff knows the difference between fighting crime and disarming law-abiding citizens.  Limiting our Second Amendment rights does not translate into tough-on-crime measures.  It doesn’t make anyone safer.  It only punishes law-abiding citizens! As our next U.S. Senator, Geoff will support national reciprocity legislation.