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CLOSING TODAY @ 5:30PM!  Check out the Gun Inventory page for our newest arrivals! Mossberg Shockwaves and more! Lyman Auto Advance Remote Control Target System! Federal 5.56 ammo 420 rds/can in stripper clips! Lots of Leupold scopes!  Hard-to-find ammo! LEO guns and LEO mags! Stun guns & Mace/Pepper spray! Snap caps and grip gloves! Rem. .22 Bucket O' Bullets, 1400 HV HP rds! Eye and ear protection! Dillon reloading presses/supplies! Brass, powder & primers! Used and/or unusual caliber die sets! Gun transportation/travel cases! DSI fixed mag ARs! DSI stripped & assembled fixed mag lowers! Lyman gun mats! FN SCAR 17S mags! And a semi-auto FN SAW!

395 Wareham Street, ROUTE 28


ACROSS FROM RODEWAY INN; .8 mile off rt. 495, exit 3

[head NORTH toward Middleboro Center]

Midleboro MA  02346

(508) 946-GUNS [4867]

We are a GLOCK BLUE LABEL (LEO) dealer. We have the 19X and the 26 Gen5 and most Glock models in stock. Please call for current inventory.